Veganism, Veggie Protein Powder and Free Dairy Cheeses

The Vegan Warrior


What has veganism has to do with the constant search for veggie protein powder and free dairy cheeses? Well, read on, lets make the connection. Veganism  is basically a lifestyle that excludes all forms of animal products; be it in food, clothing or anything else. A vegan diet does not contain any animal or dairy products. From eggs to milk, and cheese, all are considered forbidden in a vegan diet. Some people choose vegan diet because of ethical reasons as they think that it is cruel and unethical to slaughter animals. Some choose it for environmental concerns because they do not want the slaughter the animals and pollute the environment by the remains. While some people have health concerns and are recommended by medical health professionals to adopt a vegan lifestyle.
Vegan lifestyle was once adapted by peace-loving hippies only but with the passage of time, other people also started adopting the same lifestyle and diet. We have examples like Bill Clinton, Alicia Silverstone, and Beyoncé who became vegan. If you are also thinking to start this lifestyle, you need to consider a few things that are discussed below:

1. Need for B12 Supplement
You will only find vitamin B12 in animal foods. When you go on a pure vegan diet, you won’t be able to take B12 naturally in your diet. Thus, it is important that you start taking B12 supplements so that you may not develop a deficiency in vitamin B12. A lack of Vitamin B12 can cause a lot of health problems like constipation, loss of appetite, weight loss, nerve problems, and depression. It is important that you visit your doctor and consult regarding your intake of vitamin B12. There is also the importance of considering options such as diary free cheeses and

2. Take iron Supplements too
In the market, there are two types of iron supplements available; namely the heme and non-heme. A vegan diet contains non-heme iron, which is not easily absorbed in the body. So in order to maintain your iron levels, you need to have an iron supplement. Good sources of iron from vegan diet come from dark leafy vegetables like spinach, dried raisins, and sunflower seeds. Take vitamin C along with it to aid iron absorption.

3. Take it easy and relax
If you are aiming to attain a vegan lifestyle, there is no need to rush and make the switch at once. Changing a lifestyle is a huge task and may take some time in getting adjusted to it. You can start by slowly introducing more plant foods in your diet while reducing the amount of animal-based products. You should especially work for eliminating products that are non-organic and processed. Make gradual changes and assess how you are feeling each day.

4. Find a new protein source
Proteins are the building blocks of life. They promote cell growth and repair by breaking down into amino acids. The Institute of Medicine recommends that an adult should take at least 0.8 grams of proteins daily for every kilogram of body mass. The best sources of vegan protein include natural soy, lentils, and beans. Veggie protein powder is also used by those who are adopting or wish to adopt a vegan lifestyle.
The vegan lifestyle is not hard to adopt but you need to be very conscious about what you are providing your body with; both for health and ensuring the integrity of a vegan lifestyle.

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